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AmeriFirst offers innovative loan servicing and billing solutions. With over 40 years of experience as a company servicing consumer receivables, we have thrived and expanded to include the servicing of second mortgages, home improvement loans, solar, HOA, business, timeshare, and other various asset classes. With cloud-based technology and experienced staff, we have been able to reach beyond client expectations.

To provide client value, we offer loan servicing solutions that clients design to meet their strategic objectives. Clients can choose from a variety of service options and reporting formats to meet their needs. With a growing client list, expanding assets classes and our drive for growth, we will continue to capture the attention of the market for consumer loan servicing.

As a tech-enabled loan servicer, AmeriFirst provides loan servicing solutions for a variety of assets classes by utilizing technology to exhibit portfolio insights to increase performance.  With a secure and reliable cloud-based platform and a team of experienced professionals, AmeriFirst offers servicing solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.  Whether timeshare, HOA, solar, home improvement, or other asset classes, talented professionals and technology combine to offer billing, processing, and analytics to enable clients to meet their strategic objectives.

Our Story

AmeriFirst Finance was born out of inspiration and necessity. Starting in 1979, our mission was to provide competitive consumer finance programs for the Pacesetter Corporation. As one of the nation’s leading home improvement sales and manufacturing organizations, Pacesetter needed to supplement what financial services banks were offering in order to fuel its sales growth. The result was an in-house lender able to meet the unique requirements of the industry by effectively underwriting and servicing a national home improvement loan portfolio.

By 1989, Pacesetter Corporation committed to underwrite 100% of its financed sales contracts. Fast forward to March of 2004, Pacesetter Corporation sold its sales and manufacturing divisions, while retaining the finance division it had built over the previous twenty-five years. In 2005, this finance division and another regional lender were merged, creating AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance. By 2006, we had developed the products and services necessary to become a national full-service lender.

Prior to becoming a national full-service lender in 2006, AmeriFirst had already accumulated three decades of experience building competitive consumer finance programs in the home improvement industry. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, AmeriFirst was acquired from its founding family in 2013 by what is now SAF Holdings, LLC; but all the senior management staff was retained. Since 2013, AmeriFirst has provided innovative loan servicing options on a third-party basis.

Our Mission

“To Add Value for our Clients through an Innovative, High-Touch, and Technologically Advanced Approach to the Servicing and Management of Consumer Loan Portfolios”

AmeriFirst Servicing

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