asset classes

While AmeriFirst has seen exponential growth, AmeriFirst is expanding its loan servicing. AmeriFirst will be focusing on asset classes and verticals such as timeshare, elective medical, second mortgages, student loans, and solar.  This will allow AmeriFirst to utilize historical data and provide consultative services to aid clients on portfolio management and recovery expectations.  With experienced staff, innovative technology, and superior compliance standards, AmeriFirst is positioned to serve various client needs.

With regulation and lending requirements continually evolving in the marketplace, financial institutions require greater risk controls throughout the life of a loan from origination to pay off. The policies and procedures mitigate losses and maximize yield.  Loan servicing solutions deliver analytics to aid in management and evaluations leading to decisions that drive yields higher.  Credit unions, community banks, specialty lenders, and other consumer loan provider originate various types of loans from installment loans, mortgages, contracts, and others.  Some originators may not need primary servicing but need back-up servicing to meet investor requirements.  Regardless of a client’s situation, we strive to provide efficient loan servicing.

The strengths that AmeriFirst exhibits with servicing clients are multifaceted:

  • ACH penetration on transferred portfolios has increased by as much as 300%.
  • With a culture of “listen first,” obligors are more willing to work in everyone’s best interest.
  • The communicative and collaborative approach with both clients and obligors has led to numerous referrals from existing servicing clients.
  • AmeriFirst‘s extensive history in home improvement loan originations gives us an advantage with the many prospective clients who are looking for a servicer who understands these types of assets at a deeper level.
  • Being an originator has provided underwriting expertise that has benefited our clients.

In the event SAF co-invests or purchases consumer loan portfolios, AmeriFirst as the servicer presents good alignment of interest amongst the other investors of the portfolio. This is a clear market differentiator.

AmeriFirst services many different asset classes, including:

  • Home Improvement
  • Residential Solar
  • Personal Consumer Unsecured
  • Second Mortgages
  • Closed Credit Card Portfolios
  • Non-Government Student Loans
  • Graduate/Post-Secondary School Loans
  • Timeshare
  • HOA Memberships
  • Small Business
  • Elective Medical
  • Retail/POS Loans
  • Mobile Homes
  • Powersports